Jeff started Jeff’s Outdoor Services by mowing his neighbor’s lawns with a push mower and his ten speed bike. Jeff occasionally had the help of his grandpa to drive him to the different yards that he maintained. Over the years, Jeff’s company and vision has grown. Jeff’s Outdoor Services now provides a variety of outdoor services that include landscaping, lawn care maintenance, snow removal and ice management, parking lot sweeping and tree work. Jeff’s Outdoor Services currently employs approximately 10-15 employees that are dedicated to providing good customer service and fulfilling the needs of our clients. Tricia joined Jeff’s Outdoor Services in 2009 after leaving a drafting job in Golden Valley, MN. She has been able to offer assistance with design work and office management to the business since coming aboard and making it a family business. Jeff has been actively involved in the Pine City Fire Department since 1999 as a volunteer fire fighter. Tricia has been a member of the Pine Area Lions Club since January of 2007 after she moved back to Pine City. They both strongly believe in the importance of volunteering and being actively involved in helping their community thrive with hopes of continuing to creating a better place for their children to grow up.

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